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In addition to law enforcement agencies, businesses specializing in property protection are designed to satisfy the natural need for security, which has become a necessary part of our everyday life.


In the last two decades, the number of crimes committed against property has been continuously and markedly increasing, this trend is known to everyone. In addition to specific harm, the sense of security of the country's population decreases as a result of crime.


It must be acknowledged that our assets are exposed to constant, potential danger. Since 1992, our company has been carrying out personal, asset and property protection activities.

Our area of operation

Our company, based in Győr, provides services in all areas of the country.


We owe our results to carefully selected professionals, our managers have college and university degrees, and experience in law enforcement and crime prevention. The persons holding middle management and management positions are our tried and tested employees with adequate asset protection experience and management skills.


Our activities in other counties are managed by regional managers, the security director's work is assisted by service managers, group leaders, and the head of inspection and education.


Object security is the basic activity of our company, in the protection systems we create, we place the emphasis on damage prevention and even reduction, as well as on the prevention and prevention of events that would cause moral or financial disadvantage to our customers.


In order to meet the ever-increasing expectations and to make professional work more efficient and high-quality, our company developed a Quality Assurance system, and in July 2001 we received ISO 9001:2000 certification.
We based our strategy on legality and our status as a service provider.


Among our contracts, we have 8-10 year, stable assignments.


Since the economic transformation of the country, we have been actively involved in the development of the guidelines of the security profession, and we are a key player in professional gatherings.

Member of our company:

  • Hungarian and International Detective Association,

  • Security Protection Association,

  • of the Employers' Association of Hungarian Security Enterprises,

  • He is a founding member of the Professional Chamber of Personal, Asset Protection and Private Investigators.

Our range of activities covers almost all areas of the security profession:

  • We offer a wide range of services to our customers. We are able to design the structure of our service according to the unique needs of our customers.

Our services:

  • object protection,

  • personal protection,

  • Shipment escort, insurance,

  • event insurance,

  • Making regulations,

  • Bank security consulting,

  • safety technology,

  • Remote monitoring, 0-24 monitoring service,

  • Private investigation, claims management, debt collection (our private investigation office also works for large clients on a framework contract basis),

  • Safety and security consulting, training,

  • Safe deposit box service,  value preservation.


Our company employs reliable, balanced and organized security guards.
The personnel and professional management of the company selects our property guards as purposefully and task-oriented as possible, for the given service position. When hiring, the applicant's age, education, mental and physical fitness, as well as other personal characteristics, as well as the findings of the occupational safety and occupational health aptitude test are taken into account.

Education, further training

In order to deepen and develop professional knowledge, our staff regularly receive further training, such as e.g. we hold training, self-defense exercises, targeted professional training, and staff meetings.
In the case of unique, special tasks, we train our security guards individually to carry them out, e.g. use and operation of personal protection, camera chain, computer and other technical systems.


A car, 24-hour on-call service, arresting service, gas spray, rubber baton, handgun, service radio, mobile phone, and canine service are also available during the performance of service tasks.


We professionally plan, organize and implement the protection of our clients' buildings, facilities, areas and sites (objects), and the prevention of attacks on property, taking into account the particularities of the given object and with precise knowledge of its property security situation.

All our services are covered by insurance.

Generali-Providencia Biztosító Zrt. assumes responsibility for the activities of our company.


Our company complies in all respects with CXXXIII of 2005. the provisions of the law, which regulates personal and property protection activities carried out within the enterprise.


Our management staff works closely with the Clients to ensure accurate and professional performance of tasks.
Our security guards, who are well-trained, in uniform, capable of taking action, complying with the legal requirements, provide their services according to the needs of the Customer.


Our company has determined as a primary goal that it wishes to fulfill the needs of customers in the manner and quality they expect in all cases, taking into account the social requirements that also serve the interests of our clients.

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