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Armed security guard

We are looking for an armed security guard for the following settlement:

  • Gyor

Requirements for the position of armed security guard:

Legal terms:

  • at least 18 years of age

  • clean and blameless record

  • Hungarian citizenship and domestic permanent residence

  • the existence of a prescribed official exam

  • possession of a weapon test, valid medical, psychological. with an exam

Physical abilities:

  • impeccable health, good physical condition

  • at least general proficiency in self-defense sports

  • orderly private life, normal family and friendly environment

  • orderly material background

Mental Abilities:

  • having an average intelligence level is important

  • ability of divided and concentrated attention

  • creativity (creative thinking, problem-solving thinking)

  • analogical thinking (the ability to be consistent)

  • average organizational skills

Other manual requirements:

  • reactivity (no anticipated and prolonged reactions)

  • hand tremor (tremor level) should be below average

  • hand safety and hand safety

  • good sense of balance

  • appropriate level of sensory functions: vision, hearing, smell, synthetic perception, etc.

Mental requirements:

  • frustration tolerance (no voltage tolerance disorder)

  • freedom from aggression

  • empathic skill

  • emotional stability

  • freedom from neuroticism

  • good situational awareness and responsiveness in a panic situation

  • stability, predictability and flexibility in emotional life

  • optimal degree of rigidity

  • determination, need for dominance

  • anxiety relief

  • responsibility

  • socialization, sociability

  • precision, accuracy

  • discipline, self-control ability

  • ability to recognize situations and make decisions

Special requirements:

  • average communication skills

  • adequate self- and human knowledge

  • normal color vision (do not have color illusions)

  • professional experience

  • POV

  • valid driver's license

  • mobile phone

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