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 Private Investigation Office

As a private investigation agency in Győr with several years of experience, we also work for large clients on a framework contract basis. /We undertake private investigative activities exclusively for companies and enterprises. We are unable to monitor or eavesdrop on family members./

In the course of our private investigation service, we cooperate in settling overdue debts of individuals, businesses, and financial institutions, up to the sale of mortgaged properties.

We carry out bank security activities - inspections, proposals, education - and perform investigations at insurance companies regarding false claims and insurance fraud.

Within economic companies, we provide business security services by screening the assets of production plants, including product and product protection, we provide assistance with the preparation of internal regulations by uncovering shortcomings that violate the interests of the owners, we carry out plant security and office security inspections with company information and environmental studies.

Reliable private investigator  in Győr with several years of professional experience.

Perhaps very few people know, but private investigation is a separate profession that requires a really serious education and experience. Secret surveillance and the collection of appropriate evidence can also be carried out under strict rules. In many areas of everyday life, it may happen that serious decisions, perhaps business relationships, depend on the results of the private investigation. Apart from the above, there is, of course,   another ability that is absolutely important in this complex work.

What actually happens when you hire a professional private investigator?

If you really think that the evidence obtained by a private investigator in the given case would really convince you, then it is definitely worth visiting the right specialist. During the first meeting, you can expect that after discussing the details of the case, a preliminary budget will be drawn up. The estimated amount takes into account the means needed to obtain evidence, the important work of employees assisting the investigation, the costs of vehicles in use and other costs incurred.

The private investigator always concludes an assignment contract with the client, thereby making the agreement official. The professional has the duty to   conduct the given investigation in a way that meets the conditions of legality in every respect, so that the evidence   can be used and presented without any problems even in court . Part of the work of a private investigator is that the collected data and evidence are analyzed in relation to the subject of the contract by the commissioned specialist.

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