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Safety engineer

Necessary conditions for filling the safety technician position:

Legal terms:

  • at least 18 years of age

  • clean and blameless record

  • Hungarian citizenship and domestic permanent residence

Physical abilities:

  • impeccable health, good physical condition

  • orderly private life, normal family and friendly environment

Mental Abilities:

  • having an average intelligence level is important

  • ability of divided and concentrated attention

  • creativity (creative thinking, problem-solving thinking)

  • analogical thinking (the ability to be consistent)

  • average organizational skills

Other requirements:

  • valid driver's license

  • mobile phone

  • min. 1 year of professional experience


What we offer  we offer:

  • company vehicle

  • company phone

  • equipment required for work

  • work clothes

  • possibility of enrollment if necessary

  • continuing education support

  • competitive salary

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