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Object protection

In the case of object protection, our primary task is to prevent and mitigate the intrusion of unauthorized persons and other damaging events, and to mitigate their harmful consequences.

Our aim and task is to provide outdoor protection, e.g. with electronic methods: infrared barriers, camera surveillance systems, access control systems, digital recording; also providing indoor security, property protection (safes, vaults), remote monitoring. Our security service is constantly present in the protected area within the framework of manpower guarding.

Periodic guarding: In addition to the use of the remote monitoring service or as an independent service, the area inspection service provides the area inspection one or more times a day requested by the client (at night and/or during the day, at a specified or arbitrary time).

The preventive and deterrent power of periodic guarding lies in the fact that the inspection of the object takes place at times that cannot be determined in advance, but which, however, fully takes into account the client's needs. Its main characteristics: 10-20 minutes/occasion staying on site, performing patrolling activities.

Among other things, we can help you with the following: Concierge service, entry control service, entry, freight port, security guard, patrol service, armed guard, armed protection, site guarding, warehouse guarding, office building guarding, factory guarding, protection of production units, guarding of farm animals, agricultural guarding machines, guarding feed, guarding orchards, guarding linears, protecting irrigation systems, area guarding, object protection, protection, guarding, personal protection, bodyguard, money transport, valuable transport, valuables, vehicle registration, coordination of passenger traffic, construction site protection, shopping center protection, shop protection , guarding warehouses, guarding department stores, guarding hotels, parking lot guarding, foot patrol, dog guard, vehicle patrol, clothing inspection, baggage inspection, body temperature measurement, remote surveillance, monitoring service.

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