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Safety technology

Covering the entire spectrum of security technology, we undertake full-scale, professional planning of security systems.

In accordance with the unique needs and requirements of our clients, we can provide the design, construction, maintenance, operation and permanent remote monitoring of target-oriented electronic security systems. Whether it is the installation of specific camera systems, alarm systems, or motion detector security systems.


According to the needs of our clients, our service also covers the maintenance of electronic asset protection systems, on an annual, half-yearly, quarterly or case-by-case basis.

Construction of security camera and alarm systems

With 30 years of experience, our security company undertakes the design, installation and maintenance of alarm and camera systems using the most modern and reliable devices available on the market. The monitoring systems of our security technology service can be controlled, reviewed and viewed continuously, even with remote access from your mobile phone, with the help of high-quality live images. 

Before the installation of our alarm and camera systems, we determine the security deficiencies of the given area, geographical features and the unique features of the property with an on-site inspection. We assess the need for the security equipment needed in the future and then create a unique camera or alarm system for your business / home with precise planning and considering all possibilities. 

Maintenance of alarm and security camera systems

Our excellent technical specialists, on a case-by-case or even pre-fixed periodic basis, in the course of their maintenance work, remove technical errors resulting from external circumstances and, following a strict inspection process, examine the technical condition of the system, so we can always represent precise and up-to-date quality in security technology area.

For example:

  • adjustment, cleaning and checking of optics, infrared illuminators and recorders

  • battery replacement in order to guarantee the timeliness of the system

  • checking ports for precise operation of remote access and control

  • checking the operation of the power supply (contact errors, power supply, cables, connectors, etc.)

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